Over 40% of UK jobs are compatible with working from home, but only 35% of companies have a policy allowing their employees to work from home. Working from home can come with many benefits and it can be made just one step easier with cloud computing.

Higher Productivity

Working from home can provide staff with a quiet and relaxed environment. This results in the ability to work uninterrupted creating a higher work productivity. It can also create a better mood and happier staff, promoting better motivation and customer service. Similarly, increased skill retention with the addition of greater commitment from staff can occur.

With cloud computing, staff don’t need to worry about taking work or office supplies and documents home. Hosted desktops provide you with the freedom of being wherever you want. You access your hosted desktop over an Internet connection anywhere via an existing PC, laptop, tablet or thin client device. With all you documents in one place you can get to work without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Better Work-life Balance

A suitable work-life balance is an important factor when it comes to producing high quality work. Taking time off to get away or just relax at home improves well-being however, sometimes a workload needs to get done. Lower stress improves staff moods and productivity. Being able to work from home, on the cloud, can ultimately ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as work can still get done at home or away. Overall, completing work while still getting the balance of life away from the office.

Reduced carbon footprint

In addition, working from home eliminates the need to drive to work. Having less staff driving every day is beneficial for the staff members and company’s carbon footprint. With climate change becoming more and more crucial every day, any thing to decrease the amount of carbon emissions is worth it. Increasing the numbers of UK employees working from home can cut costs by £3 billion a year for UK employers and employees and save over 3 million tonnes of carbon a year.

We know that hosted desktops and cloud storage allow you to do this. however, cloud computing is also a great contributor to reducing carbon emissions. We covered how in a past post; check it out to find out more.

Positive Image for the Company

Most people nowadays have very busy schedules. With with school run, pets or home commitments; holiday hours can stack up quickly. Advertising a dynamic and flexible workplace is more appealing to potential and current staff, therefore increasing staff happiness and success in gaining applicants. 

With cloud storage, it’s easier to take half days or full days out of the office to complete other responsibilities while still meeting crucial work deadlines. Due to all documents being in one place on the cloud, employees can access work anywhere on any device. You could be at the garage and finish your work on your phone, through your shared One Drive or Sharepoint.

How Working from Home Works

The positives of home-working, as a whole, seem to outweigh the negatives. Meeting employee needs and happiness not only benefits them and their loyalty but also improves the business all-together. With this method of working becoming more popular, it’s important to ensure that business can run smoothly. The cloud allows this to happen and, as we’ve discussed, enables a hassle-free environment to keep work efficient and at a high standard.

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