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Office IT

Physical computers, printers and full office networking. It’s your entire office IT setup, sorted.

Cloudserve’s OfficeIT solution provides the full set of IT functionality required by the modern office. By combining a mix of individual Cloud-based services together with the required on-premise equipment (computers, printers, networking, connectivity, etc.), Cloudserve provides a simple but powerful fully managed IT solution.

The service is priced on a simple monthly per user fee, allowing businesses to implement or switch to a high performance IT solution without heavy upfront investment. It’s a simple idea: instead of your business dealing with the costs and risks of designing, purchasing, installing and maintaining complex hardware and software Cloudserve provides a fully managed, all inclusive, IT system and service for a simple monthly fee. This provides you with a ‘best in class’ IT solution free from management overhead. The solution combines the best of the range of Cloud services with fully managed on-premise equipment leaving businesses to focus on what they do best.

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