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Cyber Security & Data Protection

Cloudserve uses the latest Cyber Security technologies, processes and measures designed to protect your systems, networks and data from cyber crimes.

Every day thousands of computer systems all over the world are attacked. There are criminals who take advantage of the anonymity of the online world to deceive, hack and steal if the opportunity arises.

The primary motive for cyber criminals to target small and medium enterprises is to make money. In the South West of England we continue in 2017 to see
ransom-ware, unlawful network intrusion, phishing, spear phishing and fraud through social engineering methods as a threat to the viability of small companies.

If an attack is successful it could have a devastating effect on a business.
Reputation damage and financial loss may mean the failure of a company. Theft or loss of data can have a considerable effect on a company’s reputation, including a loss in customer confidence, and may lead to significant fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Using the latest cyber security technologies, processes and measures, Cloudserve proactively monitors and protects all of our clients systems, networks and data from cyber crimes and provides training to reduce the risk of phishing or exposure.

Find out how to secure your businesses systems, networks and data from Cyber Crime!