The holidays are finally here and with staff wanting to take time off, running a business can be tough. We all deserve a break from working no matter how much we can love our job. How can you make sure you and your staff have a break without hurting the company?

Is cloud the answer to maintaining your business?

Accessing Data Anywhere

Running a business in the cloud allows you to access your data anywhere. How? The cloud stores your data over the internet. Making it possible for data to be retrieved anywhere and on any device. This means you can be taking holiday on the other side of the world or just working from home and still have access to your work. This lets staff get work done and spend time with their families or friends.

Collaboration with Co-Workers

Collaborations can produce a well-rounded, unique and efficient project. For a group project or team to work, co-workers need to work cohesively. However, without a cloud-based workflow it may be hard to keep up with changes from co-workers. Having access to file sharing apps over the cloud, such as SharePoint or One Drive, ensures a coordinated approach to all aspects of a project or campaign. Sharing documents over the cloud makes it possible for colleagues to be in any country and receive current and updated versions of documents. It can also show you who edited what and when, eliminating the issue of multiple versions of the same project and general confusion of who’s done what.

Reduced IT Costs and Overhead

Cloud computing services removes the need for your own expensive and bulky systems and equipment  as your servers, storage and desktops can be run through a cloud provider. These providers run your services through their own data centres, reducing your own electricity costs and staff costs as specialised staff will no longer be needed. In addition, cloud computing runs off a pay-as-you-go model making it more ideal for businesses as you actually purchase what you need. This reduced cost can leave your business with extra cash that can be proven very beneficial during the holidays. The holidays is usually a time where employee budgets can be tight so having extra cash can help the whole team. 


e-commerce Holidays

If you run a commerce and/or e-commerce business you’ll know that the volume of transactions and traffic over the holidays is dramatically increased. This can result in needing more storage space for customer data along with additional bandwidth needed for the increase in traffic. Cloud providers allow you to scale up your business when needed. Rather than purchasing hardware in case, you can scale up when you really need it. Similarly, you are able to scale down if you are expecting to have a quiet holiday period. 

24/7 Monitoring Over the Holidays

The holidays create a challenge with monitoring IT infrastructure. Almost everyone prefers to spend Christmas and new years at home which makes scheduling staff fairly a very difficult task. It’s extremely important that your business is well looked after. However, it is equally important to make sure staff is looking after. Time off should be done fairly and equally. Which may end up with most staff being off at once. With the cloud, businesses can relax knowing that their cloud service provider is looking after their cloud operations 24/7. Businesses are able to stay at home not having to worry about their data and infrastructure.

How We Can Help 

Here at Cloudserve, we offer secure cloud computing services. We offer support and services to help you through a cloud migration that can benefit your business.  

If you would like to discuss how Cloudserve can help you improve reliability, reduce cost or future-proof your IT Infrastructure, please get in touch.

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