Managed Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop, your favourite applications such as Word, Outlook and Sage and all your important business data from anywhere, whenever you need it, on any device. Simple as that.


Hosted cloud desktops are a secure, flexible, and maintenance-free alternative to the traditional on-premise physical PC & server model. Provided as a cloud service, hosted desktops perform and function like a regular desktop PC, but your applications and data run in our secure data centres, not on your local equipment. You access your hosted desktop securely over an Internet connection from anywhere via an existing PC, laptop, tablet or thin client device.


No longer invest in PC infrastructure or office applications.

Access Anywhere

Wherever you are and whatever device you use you can connect to your hosted desktop.

Make Changes as Required

Scale resources up and down as you need.
To learn more about Cloudserve's Cloud Desktop Service, download the datasheet today.

Cloud Desktop Datasheet

    Get Started with Managed Cloud Desktop

    Whether you're in need of a full migration from on-premise to Cloudserve's Managed Cloud Desktop or are already using it, but would like help maximising productivity and making sure you are getting the most from your investment, the Cloudserve team are happy to help!