Managed Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop, your favourite applications such as Word, Outlook and Sage and all your important business data from anywhere, whenever you need it, on any device. Simple as that.

Hosted cloud desktops are a secure, flexible, and maintenance free alternative to the traditional on-premise physical PC & server model. Provided as a cloud service, hosted desktops perform and function like a regular desktop PC, but your applications and data run in our secure data centres, not on your local equipment. You access your hosted desktop securely over an Internet connection from anywhere via an existing PC, laptop, tablet or thin client device.

It’s a simple idea: instead of your business dealing with the costs, time and risks of installing and maintaining hardware and software, Cloudserve provides 24×7 access to desktops, applications and data as a cloud service. Hosted desktops give you all the benefits of a sophisticated and responsive IT infrastructure, but at a reduced cost compared with the traditional on-premise model. Hosted desktops can be deployed within hours, so you can start work almost immediately!

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Rather than investing in depreciating assets which require high expenditure initially and then continue to be a drain on your resources, choosing a hosted desktop means you no longer have to invest in PC infrastructure or office applications. Instead, a transparent subscription model ensures predictable costs and great value for money.

Access Anywhere

Wherever you are and whatever device you use you can connect to your hosted desktop. Our networks provide you with secure access from any location you wish. Many businesses are now increasing productivity and gaining valuable staff loyalty by providing flexible working arrangements, including working from home.

Make Changes as Required

Scale resources up and down as you need. Need more RAM or CPU? No problem – just click a button. Our cloud infrastructure can deliver resources to you instantly. Likewise, if you want the latest copy of Word or need to use Sage, just click a button and the application will be immediately deployed to as many desktops as you like.

Using a hosted desktop is the same as using a regular PC. The only difference is that the data and operating system are running on our powerful infrastructure and being presented to you remotely via the internet. All you need is an internet connection at your location or, if you’re on the road, you can use 3G mobile broadband card.

A hosted desktop is a fully-functioning remote workstation. Instead of being held on local hardware, all software and data is housed in our UK data centres. This data is then sent via the internet to an end-user’s workstation (such as a PC, tablet, this client, Mac or smartphone), whilst industry-standard encryption ensures that no information can be accessed by external parties. Keystrokes and mouse movements are then relayed from the workstation to our data centres.

This is an entirely seamless process and the end user’s Windows experience is identical to that offered by a traditional desktop PC, allowing interaction with the exact same applications in the exact same way. All the functionality you’d expect is available and the environment is personalised, meaning the applications and data you need are available and you can print on your home or office printer.

The benefits of a hosted desktop is that Cloudserve manages, backs up and maintains the environment for you as a fully managed service. If the local hardware device you use , which is purely a means of access, fails for what ever reason you can simply utilise an alternative Internet connected PC, Laptop or thin client and your full desktop will be immediately accessible with no loss of data. Work continues where you left it off. It’s also more resilient as your hosted desktop its running on a highly available server based environment with built in redundancy to equipment failures.

You can connect to your hosted desktop from any location you choose, as long as you have an internet or network connection. Simply connect from your laptop, desktop or thin client and the hosted desktop appears as if it was running locally on your machine. You can print documents, access USB devices such as USB keys and use your applications just as if the machine was under your desk.

Get Started with Managed Cloud Desktop

Whether you're in need of a full migration from on-premise to Cloudserve's Managed Cloud Desktop or are already using it, but would like help maximising productivity and making sure you are getting the most from your investment, the Cloudserve team are happy to help!