COVID-19 has brought everyday life to a halt. During this time of uncertainty, many of us will have concerns about the future of their business or workplace. We have been advised by the government to work at home, wherever possible. For many of us, working from home can be a new and daunting experience. For business owners, it can create concerns regarding at home IT equipment, income or even the future of the company.

Access your Files Anywhere at Anytime

The cloud stores your data over the internet. Making it possible for data to be retrieved anywhere and on any device.  Cloud storage allows you to be at home on your own laptop, computer or even phone and still have access to the files you were working on in the office. Hosted desktops provide the ability to perform and function as a regular desktop PC, but your applications and data run in secure data centres, not on your local equipment. This makes the move from office to remote working to be an easy experience for the employer and employee. Whether you’re using hosted desktops, cloud storage applications such as SharePoint or both, your

Collaboration with Co-Workers

During the COVID-19 recordations to work from home, you may worry about the efficiency of group projects or even communication between co-workers. For a group project or team to work, co-workers need to work cohesively. However, without a cloud-based workflow, it may be hard to keep up with changes from co-workers. Having access to file-sharing apps over the cloud, such as SharePoint or One Drive, ensures a coordinated approach to all aspects of a project or campaign. Sharing documents over the cloud makes it possible for colleagues to be at home and receive current versions of documents that update in real-time. It can also show you who edited what and when – eliminating the issue of multiple versions of the same project and general confusion of who’s done what.

Reduced IT Costs and Scalability

IT is an important business requirement, however, costs may be expensive in order to get what you require. The COVID-19 Pandemic affects this issue even more as your business may be earning less while needed to pay for staff and services. Cloud computing runs off a pay-as-you-go model making it more ideal for businesses as you actually purchase what you need. This reduced cost can leave your business with extra cash that can be beneficial during this time.


All businesses need their data to run successfully. Loss of vital equipment puts this sensitive data at risk of being lost. However, because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine. And you can even remotely wipe data from lost laptops so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

COVID-19 & the Future


While we may not be able to expect from this global pandemic for the near future, it’s important to listen to government advice as it comes.

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