Cloud Migration

Move data, applications or other business infrastructure to a hosting environment and experience improved data and application availability

The global cloud computing market is worth $180bn in vendor revenues with the market growing by 24% annually. Businesses that take advantage of productivity-enhancing cloud services grow 19.6% faster than their counterparts. Cloud is the future and in order for your business to stay competitive and strive through new technology, it’s important to know how cloud migration can benefit you.

Finding the right partner for your business is a crucial step in achieving a smooth and successful cloud migration. A reliable partner results in increased productivity, trust and value of money and time.

Cloudserve have been supporting businesses through their migration for 10 years and with a wide range of clientele, we can provide you with the best migration plan possible.

The Approach


Cloudserve Consultants conduct a full assessment of your current infrastructure and create a migration plan aligned with your future business objectives and requirements.


Our team develop a bespoke cloud infrastructure proof of concept, based on the results of your cloud assessment.


Once satisfied with your proof of concept, Cloudserve fully migrate your users and data across to the new cloud environment at a mutually agreed time.


Our Managed Services team take over day to day support of your cloud environment and are on-hand to assist you and your users moving forward.

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Get to the cloud, faster

Cloudserve takes complex cloud services and makes them consumable to small and medium businesses. Our team of experts support you through the migration process and offer our best solutions tailored to you. Resulting in a complete migration at a pace that won't affect your work.

Reduce migration risk

Our experienced cloud migration specialists fully run and support your migration making sure the operation runs smoothly.

Safeguard your data

Cloudserve keeps back-ups of your data during the migration to limit any potential risks. In the unlikely event that the migration goes wrong, your data is saved in our secure data centres, ready to keep your business running.

Get Started with Cloud Migration

It’s important to stay on top of our ever-expanding technology and be open to adopting the right tech that can drive your company into the future. If you’re ready to take the next step to cloud migration contact us here at Cloudserve.