Cloud Assessment

Find out what the cloud can offer your business. Assess possibilities. Smoothly transform.

A cloud assessment overlooks what services you require to elevate your business. Cloudserve reviews your company objectives and requirements to fully assess the readiness and eligible services that can be offered.

No business is the same, so why should your cloud services be? Cloudserve assess your businesses requirements and needs in order to give you the cloud infrastructure that can push your business to its full potential. No need to pay for things you won’t use, only pay and receive what you need.

Cloudserve defines a clear vision and strategy to push your business forward. Improving your capabilities and unique potential instantly.

Assess & Analyse

Cloudserve assesses your business needs and requirements along with analysing your current IT set up in order to create an efficient, reliable and cost-effective cloud-based plan, for your business.

Advise & Design

After the initial assessment, Cloudserve, and your business, review the cloud strategy and cost in order to start a service layout and migration execution plan that will best fit.

Build & Operate

Building your cloud assessment focuses on deploying core infrastructure with migration and integration test. Security hardening and user testing will also take place, ensuring the plan is efficient. Cloudserve supports the transition and reviews the services as a whole in order to manage them fully.

Optimise & Manage

The optimisation consists of a post-migration evaluation, and further management as it meets your needs.

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