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Foster Care

Why Foster Care Works on The Cloud

With Foster Care Fortnight drawing to a close it’s been great to look at the benefits and of foster care. Being organisations that handle sensitive, data it’s important that the backend IT management of fostering agencies are safe, efficient and secure. 1 in 4 companies has had data stolen so and cloud solutions could be […]
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Cyber Attack Consequences and How to Prevent them

Thousands of computer systems all over the world are attacked every day. A successful cyber attack can have devastating effects on your business. It can affect your bottom line, as well as your business’ standing and consumer trust. However, there are ways to prevent and protect your business from a cyber attack. Consequences of a cyber […]
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xCloud Migration

Cloud Migration – 5 Top Tips

Cloud Migration can be a scary topic to some businesses. However, companies that wish to remain competitive need fast communication, secure data and productive employees to run smoothly. The cloud has been proven to achieve these requirements and with all the benefits, cloud computing is viable service to adopt. Lets look at the facts. Businesses that […]
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Working From Home

Working From Home with The Cloud

Over 40% of UK jobs are compatible with working from home, but only 35% of companies have a policy allowing their employees to work from home. Working from home can come with many benefits and it can be made just one step easier with cloud computing. Higher Productivity Working from home can provide staff with […]
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How SMEs Strive in The Cloud

SMEs are one of the largest contributors to our economy – making up over 99% of all businesses in the UK.  However, recent research states that three quarters of UK SMEs may be failing to adopt workplace technologies such as cloud, mobile working and BYOD, stifling their growth, productivity and employee engagement. Cloud computing is everywhere […]
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Cloud Migration – For a Greener Planet

We’re all trying to do our bit to save the environment, shorter showers, recycling more, eating less meat, car and travel shares, even going waste free with every day items from shampoo to perfumes being made in bar form.  The reality of our Earth’s future has especially kicked in recently with the striking headline stating, […]
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