Remote working is a modern trend that is gaining a lot of popularity in various industries, including obviously the IT sector where all of this ‘remoteness’ started in the first place. With technology advancing all the time, it is now easier than ever before to work away from a central office or workplace, while still maintaining adequate communication with other colleagues, supervisors and management.

Collaboration is even possible, using tools such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. Although the benefits to the employees are self-evident and often what is highlighted, there are numerous benefits to employers too.

In the following post we will look at some of the key benefits of having members of staff working remotely.

Encourages Increased Productivity

Allowing your employees the chance to work remotely, from their own home for instance, is surely going to result in disaster because he or she will spend little time on their work and mess around more, right? The opposite is closer to the truth. There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that remote staff are more productive than those working in the office.

While the reasons are going to differ from case to case. It is likely down to the fact they don’t have their colleagues there to distract them and can concentrate more fully on work.

No Need To Commute

Be honest, who actually enjoys the daily commute to work? Even business-owners do not relish that part of the day. When employees are working remotely and don’t have to endure commuting (often long and stressful) whether it is by car, bus, train or even cycling, they are not tired out before they start work.

It also means they can start their working day earlier and give more time to what is important rather than those rush hour traffic jams.

Environmentally-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

Although you may not want to think about it, having a bricks and mortar office is not the most eco-friendly way to run a business. When you count the cost of everything from the electricity being consumed in the office, the money spent on supplies, you will find that it is the exact opposite.

The more remote employees your business has then, the more eco-friendly and energy efficient your business becomes. They don’t have to commute (as highlighted above), don’t use as much of office’s electricity.

Promotes Better Health Among Your Workforce

It is often hard for office and other workplace-based workers to participate in regular exercise, as a lot of their time is spent at work or heading to and from work on their daily commute. When workers have more time in the day free, it has been found that they are more likely to use the time between work or at breaks to exercise. Even if it is just to walk around the block or along the beach to stretch their legs, clear their head and get some fresh air.

You may wonder why it matters to you as an employer if your workforce are able to exercise or not. Well, the healthier your workers are, the more productive they can be. The knock-on effect is that they are less likely to take personal days off for medical leave, doctor’s appointments and are less likely to quit.

Cloudserve actively encourage our team to make the most of the fantastic coastal footpaths in the vicinity to our Bournemouth HQ and to make use of our on-site gym and swimming facilities. We’ve seen a direct correlation between employee’s utilising these perks and our productivity levels.

Promotes Loyalty

Following on from the above, allowing your employees to work remotely means they can balance their work/professional life better. As a result, and as has already been touched upon, staff feel gratitude towards employers when they are given more flexibility.

They feel good about working for employers that don’t restrict them or keep them tied to a desk in a stuffy office. And often they repay this gratitude with a stronger sense of loyalty to your company. They want to do their very best for you, because they know they have it good with you.

This obviously means that deadlines are met on time, productivity is increased and your profit margins are higher than ever before.

How Cloudserve Can Help To Maximise Remote Working Productivity

Having experimented with and refined several remote working solutions internally and for our clients, Cloudserve are proud to offer a range of remote working options. Utilising our Cloud Platform, we can grant your staff access to all the required business software and tools from anywhere and using the likes of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive Sync and Office 365, employees can be working on the same documents simultaneously, keeping in constant contact and maximising their productivity in the environment that suits them best.

Get in touch today to find out how Cloudserve can maximise your Remote Working strategies and solutions.

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