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Cloud Storage

Secure and reliable storage for your business critical information, straight from our UK data centres.

Cloudserve Cloud storage services provide businesses with the ability to store critical business data in our UK data centres and access this data securely over the Internet from any device. It frees your data from the risks of being reliant on on-premise infrastructure and in-house backup equipment. It provides peace of mind knowing that your data is safe, securely backed up and always available.

Your data is vital to your business and deserves to be stored in an appropriate environment. The Cloudserve Cloud storage service maintains multiple copies of your data in our primary UK data centre and replicates it in realtime to secondary UK data centre, providing 100% assurance of data safety. Your data is automatically backed up as standard and includes provision for flexible retention policies for deleted data and file\data versions to meet your compliance requirements.

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Access Anywhere

Cloudserve provides multiple access methods to your cloud storage facility dependent on your requirements. A secure virtual private network (VPN) based access to a laptop, tablet or mobile device is a common choice. Cloudserve also provides fixed site-to-site VPN connectivity from your office locations providing seamless access to your data from on-premise devices. Access from standard Internet browsers is a further options as is the ability to sync your data to multiple devices if required for offline access.

UK Dropbox Alternative

Consumer grade file sync and online storage facilities like Dropbox or are proliferating in businesses where staff, unknown to management, utilise these un-managed services for storing and accessing business data. This presents risks in that the data is not held in the UK which can be an issue for data compliance. In addition, these services often result in your data being held on private devices over which companies have no control leading to issues of data loss, and leakage of confidential data.

Cloudserve cloud storage keeps your data in known and trusted UK locations with full control and management of access permissions. With online access methods such as VPN and browser-based, the data is only held on our secure servers and not on local devices providing a more secure and controlled means of storing data.

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