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Identify & Assess

Cloudserve provides a diverse range of solutions applicable to a large range of businesses both in terms of business sector and scale. Certain customers approach Cloudserve, having researched options, with a set of specific technologies they are looking to source. This could be a requirement for Hosted Desktops or Hosted Servers, Disaster Recovery etc. In these cases our initial engagement often focuses on the provision of ‘Proof of Concept’ trial services, and discussions\proposal concerning features\functionality and also pricing etc.

Cloud Consultancy

  • Assess business requirements
  • Discuss & shortlist options
  • Provide proposals and pricing
  • Test with free demo environments
  • Consider custom requirements
  • Outline implementation steps and timeframes

More commonly, however, Cloudserve is approached by organisations simply looking to overcome the limitations of their current IT resources or to take advantage of the latest IT functionality available on the market. They may have heard and read about the potential benefits of the ‘Cloud’ but are unsure how it can meet the needs of the business, overcome their current limitations and move the business forward.

To cover these situations Cloudserve provides full Cloud Consultancy services, more often than not undertaken as a no cost exercises, to assist in identifying the right range of Cloud services for the business. This initial assessment provides Cloudserve with visibility of what functionality is required so we are able to recommend the most appropriate technology set from our diverse solution portfolio.

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