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Peru Consulting

Client: Peru Consulting
 15 staff
Sector: IT Consulting
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Peru Consulting are a team of senior IT consultants providing IT strategy and supplier management services to Bluechip organisations. The team predominantly work from client locations and home offices with a minimal physical office footprint.

Peru were seeking a solution to enable secure remote access to company data to support their flexible working environment. They also had a requirement to support offline access to data. Having considered and used consumer grade online file storage solutions such as Box, Dropbox etc., concerns over data security, performance and functionality limitations led Peru Consulting to approach Cloudserve for a solution based on the following criteria:

  1. Secure, encrypted, remote access to a centralised store of data
  2. Fully private solution, with UK based data retention and automatic backups
  3. High flexibility in the ability to set granular access rights to folders based on user permissions
  4. Ability to sync specified data to local encrypted devices to support offline access and for changes to automatically sync when going back online
  5. No requirement to install or manage 3rd part applications or plugins
  6. Fully managed solution with UK based support
  7. Fixed fee with ability to scale up and down in terms of data requirements
  8. Set service level agreement (99.9%) deployed within a high availability environment

Being fully aware of the limitations of basic SaaS online file storage solutions such as Dropbox, we proposed our enterprise grade private ‘Hosted Virtual File Server’ solution based on Windows Server 2008 R2. Each staff member connects to this using an in-built Windows VPN client (no 3rd party install required) and accesses company data via a simple mapped drive. The in-built offline folder capabilities of Windows covers the offline access requirement.

The solution met the full criteria as outlined by Peru Consulting. Initially this was provided as a production ready, no-cost trial so they could benchmark the performance and functionality of the solution. After a successful trial Peru brought the solution into production, uploaded their company data and we assisted in configuring the security permissions required.

Peru consulting commented. “The solution was exactly what we were looking for and provided the features we required which were just simply not available via mass market online file storage solutions. The ability to fully test and trial the solution at no cost with no commitment was great. We got a chance to prove the solution would work for us before making any commitment.”

Services provided

  • Managed virtual file server
  • Migration services
  • Secure remote data access
  • Data backup & protection


  • Limited remote access to data
  • Poor functionality of existing solution
  • Offline access to data required
  • Ensuring data sovereignty in UK