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Client: The Braben Company
Size: 8 staff, 1 UK office, remote workers
Sector: Public Relations

Braben Directors, Sarah Locke and Matt Bourn, were looking to upgrade their IT systems which were showing their age and become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the business. They quickly found that equipment costs for replacing their on-premise server and Mac’s were high and there would also be a substantial professional service fees for the renewal project.

Sarah and Matt were also hesitant to again be fully reliant on office based equipment as this had caused issues in the past. Looking for an alternative they approached a number of “Cloud Suppliers” to assess other options. Cloudserve responded and initially undertook a telephone based consultation and fact finding exercise to assess the current situation prior to submitting a full proposal to Braben.

“Cloudserve were the only company who came back to us quickly with a full detailed proposal specific to our needs”commented Laurent Locke, “They clearly understood our requirements and took the the time to properly respond. The solution offered was comparable to other companies but we were impressed with the initial effort made by Cloudserve and the quality of their proposal and so arranged a meeting to discuss the solution in more depth”.

Cloudserve proposed a solution which would avoid the need for a replacement server and the client mac devices and minimise the costs associated with both initially renewing the IT capability of Braben but also to reduce on-going costs in terms of IT Support.

Following a detailed discussion of the proposed solution and the provision of a demo environment, Braben agreed to work with Cloudserve on the requirement. The Hosted Desktop solution minimised the need for new equipment purchases and utilised the existing Mac Estate as access devices. All data business is however now stored in Cloudserve’s secure Data centres and not on any on premise equipment.

Cloudserve’s Hosted Desktop solution has provided all Braben Staff with a personal Remote Desktop accessed from their existing legacy Office device but also the flexibility to use any internet connected device to support flexible and home working.

Microsoft Exchange Online provides the core capability for Braben’s Email requirements with access enabled from Outlook running on the Hosted Desktops, Outlook Web Access from any Browser and full Sync to Smartphones.

Services provided

  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Migration Services


  • On-site server old & unreliable
  • Email reliant on office based server
  • Management overhead for IT support and maintenance
  • Access to data and apps out of the office
  • IT issues affecting business operations
  • Older Macintosh estate