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Secure, UK-based cloud computing services.

Improve your business performance, reduce costs, improve flexibility, minimise downtime and secure your data with Cloudserve’s cloud computing services, such as hosted desktops, cloud storage and hosted email.

Cloudserve eliminates the need for businesses to own, manage and maintain PCs, servers, software and telephony systems. Our cloud-based services can be accessed securely from anywhere, over standard Internet connections. Organisations only pay for the resources they actually use, and can scale their services up and down as their business environment changes.

Our secure, fully managed cloud services

Managed Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 makes it easier to manage files, simplify communication and collaboration among employees and manage meetings on the move.

Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktops are a secure, flexible, and maintenance-free alternative to the traditional on-premise physical PC & server model and it provided as a cloud service.

Hosted Servers

The next generation of server environment, replacing the conventional concept of the on-premise, owned and self managed servers.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud storage service provides businesses with the ability to store critical business data in our UK data centres and then access it securely over the Internet.

Email & Collaboration

If you’re looking for a secure and reliable hosted email platform for your business, Cloudserve’s Managed Microsoft Exchange service presents the perfect solution.

Disaster Recovery

Cloudserve’s online backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions protect and secure your business critical data in our secure UK data centres.

Office IT

Cloudserve’s Office IT solution provides the full set of IT functionality required by the modern office, by combining a mix of Cloud-based services and on-premise equipment.


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Hosted Desktop

Access your hosted desktop securely over the Internet
Starting from just £17.00 per user per month

Hosted desktops are a secure, flexible, and maintenance free alternative to the traditional physical PC & server model. Instead of your business dealing with the costs, time and risks of installing and maintaining hardware and software, Cloudserve provides 24×7 access to desktops, applications and data as a cloud service.

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